Johnny’s Talk: The Johnnys World has been Rocked to the Core … again ….

I am writing this right before I sign off for the night ….I want to get this out.

Today NEWS fans have been shocked with the news that Yamapi and Ryo are leaving NEWS. Ryo because of scheduling conflicts …. and the reason for Yamapi …. I still do not understand.

I feel like it is Jin Akanishi round 2 with Yamapi… and I do not like it (though I do enjoy Yamapi’s solo music a lot more than Jin’s). I have lost a whole lot of respect for Pi right now. The reason? Because I truly believed that he would never leave NEWS like Jin did KAT-TUN. NEWS had a better relationship than that … I just can’t believe it. Except for some really good reason …. I have lost a huge amount of respect for him and that will be VERY hard to recover.

As for Ryo … I actually respect him for this. He has finally realized that he cannot handle NEWS, Kanajni8 AND Acting. I feel like this decision was years in the making and that it was a hard decision for him. At first I was mad at him …. but I just can’t be when he made the decision to be in the group that I love the most (I am sorry to say … and even though NEWS was his first group). I have always truly believed that unconsciously his allegiance has always been to Kanjani8 because that is where he started … in Kansai.

I think that Johnnys set him up for failure from the start by being in 2 groups and it was just a matter of time until he was forced to choose …. I was just in denial that that day would actually come. Though this is the case, I don’t think that Ryo will be my number one for much longer. This has been a while in the making, actually, and I believe that Yasu is my number one now (like he was in the beginning).

I guess the thing about all of this that I am the most sad about is that I will never see a 6 member NEWS concert like I wanted to, as well as that I feel bad for KoyaShige. Now more than ever I want them to debut together! That would make things so much better for me now. Sadly, I don’t think that will happen.

For now, I am gonna sit back and wait until the dust settles. Maybe this all happened for a reason.


4 thoughts on “Johnny’s Talk: The Johnnys World has been Rocked to the Core … again ….

  1. this just breaks my heart i was never a huge news fan but i did like them i love their backstage stuff they were never super close like kanjani8 or as distant as Kat-tun but some where in between it was always fun when they got together. i have to agree with you about yamapi and ryo i just hope they both had long talks with the other members about this before it came out and it wasnt a suprise to the other four.


  2. Oh My God! :O I just can’t believe it! Ryo, I totally understand his choice: being in two groups is really hard. He was the first Johnny’s to do it! (with Uchi that get expelled…) But Yamapi… I don’t get it… NANDE?!? T-T

    *To Be Continued*


  3. It is really a shock! And at the same time, not shocking at all….
    I’m so so happy that I got to see them live, all 6 of them, at least once in my life!
    Back then I also thought “This might be the last time”. It’s really too sad…

    Although I can understand Ryo’s decision, and I think he’s thought about it for a long time, I’m still not sure about Yamapi. Apparantly going solo for him is much more important, he doesn’t want to be hold back (?) by a group, perhaps? It also sort of seems like his recent solo tour was like a “test” to see if he could make it on his own. Jin 2 like you said? But without the without the tension in the group? Hmm…
    I’m still kind of mad at him, especially him, for doing this. He’s said to the fans more than once things like; “Wait for us, we’ll definitly come back!”, “Don’t worry, my solo doesn’t mean I’m leaving NEWS, I love NEWS” and “We’ll never betray you”. That sort of pisses me. It’s disappointing.
    The hiatus has been going on for a long time, something big was about to happen… But I still wonder who took the first step? Is there more too it then what we know? For me, it’s mostly up to Yamapi at this point. The NEWS is still fresh,I don’t know yet.

    Maybe Ryo has been thinking about it for a longer time and Pi thought “If Ryo is leaving, then why should I stay?”, or something.

    Other than that I feel bad for the other members. Especially Shige, and then Koyama. Tegomass is still Tegomass. Good thing Shige went to a university, you know, just in case. NEWS will still exist but they’ll never be able to reach as high. I will still keep and eye on them (mostly Shige and Koyama), but I won’t follow them as I used too, probably.
    Also, like someone here said; “NEWS now is like Tegomass with backsingers”. It’s unfortunately what most likely will happen. I hope it won’t be that way.

    I’m also really sad that we won’t be able to see Pi and Ryo interact with eachother anymore. At least they are good friends outside of work, but I’ll miss it.

    Still really sad though. It’s horrible. Like you said though, I can still respect Ryo for his decision and Kanjani8 had their name (with all the memebers + Uchi) before NEWS.
    But I hope they will indeed have bright future, and “god” forbid anything like this happens to Kanjani8!

    Let’s believe in them~.
    *will listen to Endless Summer*

    //Sorry of rambling


  4. I only have 3 things to say to this:
    1. I’m glad that Koyashige and Tegosmass get to continue work. I was afraid that they might disband the whole group if this ever happened.
    2. I totally understand Ryo’s decision. He’s overworked.
    3. I always knew there must have been a reason why I never really liked Yamapi…


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