Becoming More Social, Pandas and Shark Tanks?

Lately, I have begun to force myself to hang out in the international student lounge more than I have before. The reason? Because I want to become more social. Not really to make more friends, but learn how to interact with more people in general. I want to become more of a people person and know how to act in many different situations. Why is this? Because I tend to talk about myself a lot in conversations with people. This is because I don’t know how to start a proper conversation at times.

Something that I found interesting lately was the subject about Japanese girls and interacting with foreigners. Japanese girls love to come up to you, talk with you, croon over you, and call you cute all in a whirlwind of questions being asked to you. After that, you don’t really develop a friendship with them. My friend’s teacher described this as the “Panda affect”. Basically, the Japanese girls want to treat you almost like a panda, “play” with you “croon” over you and then leave you when they are done; meaning that you don’t really develop a deeper relationship than that with them. Of course, this doesn’t describe every Japanese girl, just a generalization that I have noticed at my Japanese university here.

Actually, the nickname of our international student lounge between the international students here is the “Shark Tank”. This is because the student lounge is incased in all glass and the Japanese students will stand out in the hall for a really long time, looking into the lounge to get up the courage to go in, and then more time to actually go to talk with the international students. They also come up to us and ask us survey questions that their English Professors have asked them to do. It is quite annoying when you are trying to work in the lounge or you are getting ready to go to class that starts in less than 5 minutes and a Japanese person comes up to you and asks you to do a stupid survey.

I really wish there was a better way to foster international language exchange between the international students and Japanese students that is more comfortable for both parties. I bet it is tough for the Japanese students to get up the courage to come and talk to us, but at the same time its annoying when you are working on work and you have a stupid survey that is being asked to you. Afterall, this is a Gaidai; Gaikouku Daigaku (Language University). There should be a better way to foster language exchange bewteen both parties.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Peace out and Much Love ❤



2 thoughts on “Becoming More Social, Pandas and Shark Tanks?

  1. nana says:

    Wow…that’s an interesting thing. Maybe its bcuz ur at a language school its very tight like that. I tend to be very very social! But I have a horrible problem with getting close to ppl so I would be fine with panda effect. Idk if there is much u can do about the schools way of connecting ppl. But the idea that international students r segregated just makes is alot harder for japanese students to feel comfortable around international students and international students to make japanese friends! Why don’t u ask the other international students who I in the same situation if they had luck making japanese friends and if they do give u some pointers! Goo luck!


  2. Atiqah says:

    I have the same problem too, but not with international student though. They’re local people from different race (i’m Malay and they’re Chinese). It’s because they tend to socialize only within their group of friends and because of different culture we tend to not get mixed up, but lately when i enter university, the gap become closer when we do our assignment together, maybe it’s because that we share our thoughts and spend almost all of our semester together and now my best friend is a Chinese (^_^)…..and about the survey, i think that even though you’re really busy, it won’t hurt if you could spend a couple of minutes to do them and who knows maybe the next time you guys meet he/she might remember you and you guys could smile to each other..(^_^)
    just wanna share some thoughts since i’ve experience this situation a lot.


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