Vlog – Johnnys Concert Tips and Manners

Hello everyone!

There are a lot of Johnnys tours going on right now or about to start, like NEWS, Kanjani8, TOKIO and Arashi. I decided to make this video in order to help some of you foreign fans that might not have been to Johnnys concerts before understand some of the manners that I thought were different from what I was used to. I also threw in a few tips that I have learned from going to Johnnys concerts over the past few years!

I hope you guys enjoy! Leave a comment below or on Youtube and tell me if these were helpful or even if you are going to any of these concerts! I hope this video was helpful and that the foreign fans coming to Japan for the concerts have an awesome time!


2 thoughts on “Vlog – Johnnys Concert Tips and Manners

  1. Hi I’m an international fan of Arashi. Do you know how to get their concert tickets? I heard Johnny is using the face recognition system so its impossible for foreigner like me to get their tickets right? :/


    1. Hello! Thanks for commenting. I think it would be good to address the new face recognition system in another blog post, but as of right now its hard for foreign fans living over seas to get tickets to Arashi if they use the face recognition system. I am not sure if they are using this system for all of their concerts yet, so maybe something like Waku Waku Gakko they might not use it yet, so I think there is still some hope. If you want more advice about how to get johnnys tickets as an overseas fans, you can check out this post here for more advice!
      I hope this helps a bit.


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