Thoughts about Kanjani8 on LIVE MONSTER 4/21/2013

Kanjani8 appeared on LIVE MONSTER on April 21st! This was my first time seeing this TV show and also my first time ever hearing about this show as well!

The performed 3 songs, all band style:

-LIFE 〜目の前の向こうへ〜 (LIFE Me no Mae no mukou e)

-Their new single being released today, 4/24/2013: ここにしかない景色 (ko ko ni shikanai keshiki). This is a double A side single with へそ曲がり. This particular song is for Nishikido Ryo’s new movie that comes out at the end of May, 県庁おもてなし課 (Kencho Omotenashi Ka)

-ローリング・コースター (Rolling Coaster)

I really liked this program! Kanjani8 played band style, which is something that is my favorite part about Kanjani8. You could tell that their newest song had some mishaps because they hadn’t played it as much as the other 2 songs, though. The other two songs are fan favorites that they play at the concerts and tend to play on other music shows, when they do play band style.

There was also a talk portion of the program that gave a little bit of history about the group and showed some very cute pictures of them when they were younger! I love the talk parts of music shows because the viewers are able to see the group members interacting with each other and see the dynamic of the group. There is always something new when a group appears on a music show and its never the same thing that they talk about. I like music shows better than the regular group variety shows that Johnnys tend to host a lot, like Kanjani8’s Janiben.

Did you guys watch Kanjani8 on LIVE MONSTER? Tell me what you guys thought about it if you did!


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