Thoughts on Tegomass Neko Chudoku Full 「テゴマスー猫中毒」PV

Yesterday, the Full PV for Tegomass’s Neko Chudoku came out! This is only 1 version of the PV and I believe the 2nd version will be released with the single release on May 22nd. The video is linked below!


I am in love with this video! Tegomass are adorable and funny throughout the whole video acting like cats and interpreting some of the lyrics of the song in their own way.  According to news reports from the beginning of May about the recording of the PV, Tegomass  thought up of most of the ideas of what to do in the PV.

I think the dance during the chorus is adorable and I always have a huge smile on my face while I am watching this PV because they are silly the whole time. I think this will be the type of song and PV that I can listen to and watch over and over again because it has an excellent rhythm, because of the Ska style of the song, and because they are being adorable and funny throughout the entire music video! I am looking forward to seeing the 2nd version of the PV when the single comes out next week!

What do you guys think about the PV?


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