VLOG: Japan Favorites March and April 2013! | 日本のお気に入りのもの紹介2013年3月,4月!

Hey Everyone!

I am back with another Vlog, and this time my Japan favorites for the months of March and April!  I was home in America for 95% of the month of March, but some Johnnys things were released so I included those in this video as well!

This month’s favorites video has things ranging to seasonal things to do in Japan (this month, Cherry Blossom season!), Make-up, Johnnys releases, and a mall with a cute cake shop that I have fallen in love with!

I hope you enjoy my favorites Japan Favorites of March and April!

Things Mentioned in the Video:

Sakura Season (Cherry Blossom)/ Hanami
Kanjani8 – He so magari/ Koko ni shikanai keshiki 「へそ曲がり/ここしかない景色」
Tegomassu – Sayonara ni Sayonara 「サヨナラにさよなら」
QLAP Magazine
24 Hour Tattoo Eye liner
Namba Parks
Harbs cake shop


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