Spring Break 2014 Series!

Spring break is almost over for me! I have been so busy this past month and a half and I have been the happiest I have been in a long time! I think this has been the best spring break that I have ever had! I wanted to update my blog so much while I was on break, but I was so busy that I wasn’t able to sit down and get everything out because I was up early almost every morning and back late at night and was too tired to write down everything. I hope that you all have enjoyed my pictures on Facebook and Instragram that I have posted of my trip! That is the easiest way for me to show what I am up to without sitting down and writing down everything into a blog post.

With that being said, Now that school is going to start again, I am going to use this opportunity to sit down and write down everything that I remember into a series about my spring break here and to begin my blog writing again! I will be starting from the seeing Ueda Tatsuya’s Stage play all the way back in February, through seeing Tegomass in Osaka, to my time home in America for 3 weeks, taking about my trip to Hiroshima, and then ending with my trips to Yokohama and Fukuoka for Tegomass!

I hope you all will enjoy these entries and find interest in the places and things that I saw during this trip, even when I was home in America. I will be updating with these entries soon, so keep a look out for them!


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