Quick Translation – Popolo September, 2014: “Naked NEWS” Questions from the Members

I really enjoyed these questions, so I decided to translate this small part of the NEWS interview in the September 2014 Edition of Popolo. This is a first for me on my blog, but I hope you all enjoy it!

Questions to Tegoshi from the Members:

1.  From Koyama: “Tell us your current hair color in English”

Purple and Cherry  (*Written in Katakana*), though I have been asked this many times already! LOL

2. From Shige: “Tell us 1 memory from Brazil!”

Watching the World Cup in person! It was really like “I REALLY have seen my dream?!”.

3. From Massu: “Recently you bought an electronic item?”

I bought wireless headphones! Even though I have many headphones already, I bought them anyway…


Questions to Shige from the Members: 

1. From Koyama “You have been into Flower print pants lately?”

Yes, I am certainly into it right now! LOL Flower patters are this year’s trend, so I have been into it!

2. From Massu: “Have you bought any clothes recently?”

“I bought a yellow cardigan, but Koyama asked me “Are you supporting Brazil (in the World Cup)?” and I wasn’t able to wear it anymore LOL

3. From Tegoshi: “What Fish have you caught?”

“I have caught large Mackerel and Hair tail! You can cook a lot with Mackerel and it was very delicious. Do you want to come fishing with me soon?”


Questions to Massu from the Members: 

1. From Koyama: “You changed your hair to red! It really does suit you doesn’t it?”

I did change to red! I also think it suits me! LOL Koyama should also try red hair!”

2. From Shige: “Have you gotten used to being on “Ippuku!” yet?”

Little by little I have gotten used to it and each time I am able to do it while having fun! Speaking of which, Shige have you watched?

3. From Tegoshi: “Is red hair okay?”

It is perfectly okay! Occasionally I am asked this because I went to black hair. LOL

(*Translators Note: This question is referring to Ippuku and him changing his hair to black/ brown when he first started the show in March, but then he changed his hair to red. He also mentioned changing his hair color in one of the Tegomassu concerts as well for the TV show)


Questions to Koyama from the Members:

1. From Shige: “Recently you have always been wearing  flower patterned Set-ups (an outfit that is the same print on top and bottom), are you into those recently?”

I don’t always wear it. Occasionally I wear it but it’s basically every time I meet with Shige that I seem to be wearing it. But yes, I have been into them though LOL

2. Question from Massu: “Recently you have picked a fight?”

Why me and fighting?? I don’t know if I have been involved in a fight or not, but I haven’t picked a fight though.

3. Question from Tegoshi: “When did you do it?”

Yesterday I did it…. lots of muscle training!…..But what is this talk? Let’s actually have a bit more of a conversation! LOL

(Translator’s note: I think Tegoshi was playing around and feeding off of Massu’s question before and asking about when did he fight? and Koyama responds with a silly answer playing off of the やった that Tegoshi asked 、which means ”do” it. So basically Koyama responded back with something he did do, at a time.)



**Disclaimer* I am still learning Japanese and if you see anything wrong with my translation please bring it to my attention and I will change it to the best of my abilities. Thank you!*


4 thoughts on “Quick Translation – Popolo September, 2014: “Naked NEWS” Questions from the Members

  1. Leya Chankapaana Kamilia says:

    Hello! Thank you for the quick trans. I hope you could translate more! There’s a scarcity of NEWS translators nowadays so the English-speaking fans don’t know what’s going on in the mag interviews. 😦

    I’m looking forward to more of your translations, if ever! Thanks again 😀


    • nihonchique says:

      Thank you for your comment! I am glad you enjoyed! I think I might do some more translations in the future of the Magazines that I have in my collection here because this translation has been received well!

      Thanks again for your comment and I hope to see you around here in the future.


  2. Lucki13ear says:

    Thank you for taking time to translate and share it with us! I really enjoyed this section!! I love Shige’s answer to Tegoshi’s question. Also, thank you for pointing out Massu’s constant hair change and Tegoshi’s play on words. It made me appreciate their inside jokes.


    • nihonchique says:

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, I thought it was important to point those things out or people wouldn’t have understood the context. I am glad you enjoyed reading this! I hope that I can do some more translations in the future.

      Thanks again for reading!


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