[Translation] MINA October 2014, Masuda Takahisa – “Massu Styling” Volume 1

This month’s theme: “Simple Monotone”

This is the first installment this series, and I have been put in charge of what I will wear! (LOL). A lot of people probably have an image of me wearing clothes that are kind of all over the place1, but I actually also like simple clothing, like the outfit with the hat on the left… but simple items paired together with simple shapes/ shillioutes to don’t really match. What’s best is an item that is simple, but the size is big or it has something that reflects that person’s personality, right? The timing of when to wear a knit vest can be difficult, so up until now I would have gone with sweatshirt material, but this knit vest has a rough texture and the arms are short sleeved, so I bought it at first sight. I also thought pairing it with these RAF SIMONS pants was also nice. The long sleeve shirt I love so much that I have it in different colors and in shirt sleeve too. On a day where you wear sweats on both top and bottom, I like to wear something like leather boots with it, basically pairing something simple together one nice item…..the hat that I am wearing is also like that! It’s something that I would want to wear to go shopping around in, rather than just for stroll around the neighborhood.

On the right page is the check set-up2. I like that even though it is one item together, it isn’t boring. Layering the non-sleeve parka over it is normal for me. On a casual day when going out to eat a meal or something, I wear something like this a lot.

If girls wore monotone, a simple T-shirt with a scoop neck neckline is really infatuating to me! (LOL) Pairing it with some black skinny pants is ideal. Wearing monotone together on a date is perfectly okay. Wearing flower print together is kind of embarrassing though… (LOL)

Well then, next time I will also come prepared with lots of clothes as well!

Fashion Companions

On the right is a label maker that you type letter by letter and make a sticker with. It has a really analogue feeling to it and I’m really into sticking them to places like my cellphone, etc.
On the left are these 3 sibling Hermes bangles. Bangles are also an indispensable item for me.

*Translators Notes:

1. He means that people have the image of him wearing lots of patterns and colors together in one outfit, thus “all over the place clothing”

2. A set-up is an outfit that the top and the bottom are the same material and print and it is popular clothing for men and women here recently in Japan.

*Disclaimer* I am still actively learning Japanese and this translation is not perfect. This translation is as direct of a translation as I can make it and I took some liberties as a native English speaker to make it flow better in English, as some things don’t translate well into English from Japanese.

Read Volume 2


4 thoughts on “[Translation] MINA October 2014, Masuda Takahisa – “Massu Styling” Volume 1

  1. kata0mi says:

    Thanks for the translation ! As expected, it’s really interesting to read what Massu think about his clothes. He really do love fashion ! He is kind of cute …well I feel the same thing when he is speaking about mini 4 wheels …so passionate ! I cant wait to see what he will wear next month and what he will have to say about it !

    Massu, who is usually quite random when he speak, is really focused on his subject XD. Of course, since he speak about clothes he dont have to change subject.

    Set-up outfit, Im not sure about it. I guess i will have to see some outfits to see if I would like it or not lol. Well on Massu it’s perfect, but this guy can wear almost anything !


    • nihonchique says:

      Thanks for reading! I am glad you enjoyed it as much as I did! He did a really good job and I can’t wait for the next volumes!! I really love his style abs advice! You really can tell he loves clothes in this article!


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