Johnny’s Talk: What To Wear To A Johnny’s Concert/ Event?

One of the hardest things for me to decide on when I go to a Johnny’s concert or event is: What should I wear?

Now, I believe that fashion is very personal to everyone and what he or she chooses to wear is a reflection of who they are. Each person has their own style and what they like to wear and there is no right or wrong thing to wear to Johnny’s concerts! I personally like dresses and skirts and a more mature style of clothing, as well as when I go to Johnny’s concerts I don’t want to draw attention to myself more than I already do by being foreign. Some people like to dress up in cosplay or dress up to draw attention to themselves, so it is all based on personal preference and what you feel comfortable wearing! Even for Japanese fans there is a huge gap between the people who dress “normal” and the people who go all out and cosplay and dress up, so don’t worry too much about it! Fashion in Japan is so wide and varied that you won’t feel bad with whatever you decide to wear. So with all that being said, this post is about how I decide what to wear to a Johnny’s concert and maybe it could give you some ideas yourself on what to were when you go someday! Here are some questions that I ask myself when I go to a concert that help me decide what I will wear:

“What group am I going to see”? I always start out with this question. This is a big factor because each group has a different kind of presence and the fans dress differently and act differently as well. For example, NEWS fans are considered “fashionable” and the group itself has more of a “prince” type of image, so I will pick the overall theme of my clothing based off of that. KAT-TUN on the other hand has more of an edgy rock-like feel to them with darker colors, so I tend to wear darker colors to their concerts and try to be a bit edgier with what I wear, but still stick with my own personal style though. The most out-there group that I normally go to see is Kanjani8, and the way that the fans dress is very much a reflection of the group themselves. It’s always fun to see what Kanjani8 fans will wear to the concerts!

“Who is your favorite member”? Johnny’s groups usually have colors associated to the individual members in the group. An easy way for the fans and for the members themselves to identify whose fan you are is to wear your favorite member’s color to the concert. Sometimes I follow this, but other times I don’t. It all depends on the concert and the group for me, as well as where my seats are. For example, for Tegomassu no Seishun I chose not to wear my favorite member Massu’s yellow color in Fukuoka and Nagoya, but instead wore the green color that the concert goods and the theme of the concert was based off. In Yokohama and Osaka though, I wore Yellow.

What season is it and is the concert/ event outside or inside? This also plays a factor into what clothes I would wear as well. KAT-TUN’s countdown concert I wore dark clothes because it was winter and because they were edgier as well. NEWS’s concerts were inside and outside, so the outside concerts I didn’t dress up as much because it was in the middle of summer and I would be sweating a lot, but the inside concerts I decided to dress up a bit more because I wouldn’t be sweating as much. Also, waiting for goods outside can be a factor as well, so take that into consideration when you are choosing your outfit as well!

Will I be wearing any of the concert goods I am buying? For Kanjani8’s Jyuusai concert, there was a “happi” that they were selling and I wanted to buy it so I decided on the dress that I wore based on that. I thought the happi would look better with a collared dress, so I wore that. Another popular thing to do is to wear the concert T-shirt right after buying it or personalize the concert T-shirt for another show that you will go see in the same tour.

A note on Stage plays: For stage plays, I would recommend toning down what you wear to a concert if you normally cosplay or dress up a lot for these events. With stage plays you have to remember that the Johnny’s guy is only one member of the cast during this play (even thought he may be starring in it) and other people who aren’t Johnny’s fans will more than likely be attending as well for the other cast members who have nothing to do with Johnny’s. The purpose is to enjoy the stage play and support the Johnny’s guy, not for the Johnny’s guy to notice you or to draw attention to yourself, which is different than a concert. With this being said, there is a certain respect for the stage and arts when you go to see stage plays so please try to be respectful of that. The manners for concerts and stage plays are different is all, not that one is better than the other. For the most part, most people I see at stage plays dress normally and I don’t even know they are going to the play unless they are a carrying around a bag from the group that the Johnny’s guy in the play is in. I personally dress like I normally do everyday, but if it’s an evening show I might dress a bit more fancy.

Here are some pictures of what I have worn to past Johnny’s concerts!

Tegomassu no Seishun - Fukuoka
Tegomassu no Seishun – Fukuoka Picture courtesy Monica (blog: the beauty of existence)
Kanjani8 - Jyuusai
Kanjani8 – Jyuusai
Tegomassu no Seishun - Nagoya
Tegomassu no Seishun – Nagoya
Masuda Takahisa Stageplay - Strange Fruits in Osaka
Masuda Takahisa Stageplay: “Strange Fruits” – in Osaka

Was this helpful? What do you normally wear to Johnny’s concerts? Please let me know in the comments below!


11 thoughts on “Johnny’s Talk: What To Wear To A Johnny’s Concert/ Event?

  1. I think this post was helpful for people going to a Johnny’s concert for the first time. I sometimes think about what to wear 2 weeks before the event. I think it also helps to check out concert DVDs and such to kind of get an idea of what fans ususally wear to the concerts. I think for Eito you can seriously go all way out and do whatever you like because after all it is Eito!
    I realized that I tend to just dress in my usual clothes. An outfit that I like and feel comfortable with. Most of my clothes are greyish, black, white just simple colored so dressing up in the member colors would be kind of hard for me but I found my own way to still show off my fave member – I add accessories in my fave member’s color. For Eito I wore a black bow and black bracelets (although my outfit already was basically black anyway haha) and for Johnny’s West I tend to go with dresses to which I can add a red belt and then also tie my hair up and add a red bow as Shigeoka is my fave member. I think adding accessories in your fave member’s color is a great way to show that you have a fave member but you didn’t come only for that one member but for the whole group.
    But again tastes differ and everyone should just go with whatever they like and feel comfortable with because only in that way one is able to enjoy the concert!


    1. Thanks so much for the great comment! It’s so true that first and foremost you need to be comfortable in what you wear. If you don’t feel comfortable you can’t enjoy the concert, which is the most important part!

      I like hearing what others do for their outfits! Thanks for sharing that as well! ^_^


  2. Sadly I have no picture of my outfit for the 3 TM concerts I went. But it’s always take me a while to decide what to wear. I always want to look at my best lol. In 2011 Sapporo concert I wore a black dress, but with a really bright orange jacket on it. I also had a yellow bow hair band and 3\4 lined blue socks. That was my style at that moment XD lol. I regret the blue sock now. I didnt know my seats before arriving in the venue …but whatever I wore I wanted to be visible.

    This tour I wore for the first show a daisy blakc and white dress with green pants and second day (arena day) yellow dress with black leggins. With my red hair I think it was quite visible. So I think that most of the time I go for dresses and colored clothes. Trying to wear my fav member color.

    Next tour I think it will mostly depend of where my seats are. For the nearer seats I will wear yellow my yellow dress …for farer maybe just confortable but cool looking clothes. I will see when the time will come ….but I know I will think about it for a long time lol.

    I also have a tradition to always do my own uchiwa ( drawing it ) and always try to do a special craft project for each TM tour I attend. Mahou tour was a gyoza necklace. Seishun a buta and skull hair pin. Because their next tour will be really important and I dont know if I will have time to do it next year …well I already began the 10th tour project. Cant wait to finish it !! ( I love craft XD )


  3. This wasn’t very helpful – you tended to point out what you were wearing instead of actually highlighting the community and/or the obvious “rules” of concert wear. Thanks for writing though!


    1. Thanks for your comment!
      I’m sorry you didnt find it helpful. There really arent any rules to concert wear though, so my point was to give examles of what I wore as an idea to people who have never been before.
      For feedback, what other information would you have liked to see? Something like a breakdown of what people besides me normally wear? I am always open to ideas!

      Thank you again for your comment!


  4. Hello there! Just found your blog! Very useful informations :)) I want to travel to Tokyo for the second time this year and this time I really wan to visit a Johnny’s concert. So here is my question: Which season is the best for it? When are the concert schedules, for example of KAT-TUN and HeySayJump? A friend of mine said its mostly in August and another friend said that spring time would be best for concerts (the period between April and May). What do you think?
    I would be really thankful if you could help me there ❤


    1. Hi! Thanks so much for reading! For times for concerts, it depends from group to group. Some groups are constantly touring while others have set times they tour and others are very random when they tour. It can be hit or miss on when you come. KJ8 tours in fall/ winter mostly while Arashi does fall/ winter and arafes in the summer. NEWS will do a spring concert this year but dates havent been announced. HSJ tours a lot so it shouldnt be hard to see them. KAT-TUN is random, but probably summer I think. Other groups I am not too sure about.

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      1. Thank you so much for the answer! Hmm, I see, so spring is not that popular for concert schedules? Aaaarrrg it’s like you said, it’s gonna be a hit or miss -.- I am not even sure if I really should visit Tokyo in spring… maybe summer is a better timing. But the weather in Japan is horrible hot in summer, isn’t it? I was there only in autumn before. ^^


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