[Translation] MINA December 2014, Masuda Takahisa – “Massu Styling” Volume 3

 This month’s theme: “Knits for various daily wear”

It’s only the third volume, but I was given knits as a theme already and and impatiently declared “I don’t have any knits!” But… when I checked my closet I had some unexpectedly! (LOL) In any case, I brought a bunch of different kinds of knits and styled the same hat and pants combination with them in three different ways. Which one do you guys like the most?

The knits are from the brands (the top of the page down): Maison Martin Margiela, Sasquatchfabrix., and LABRAT.

The Margiela Knit is a silhouette that I normally don’t choose, but I fell in love with it at first sight in the store. Out of all the clothes  I have it’s the most “Honor’s student”-like. I began to think I want to wear knit a lot more after seeing the shot taken of me in this piece ! For a date, this knit would be good. Yup.

When you first see the striped knit you might think it’s kind of  gaudy looking, but I really like the shape of the turtleneck and dolman sleeve combination.

I think the detail on Paisley knit is interesting. I would wear it on a casual day to go meet with a friend.

To me, knit items aren’t as much of a daily item as sweat is, but wearing it all now like this was nice! I’ll try to wear more knit now. Also, the hat that I am wearing now I wore a long time ago on Music Station! It restricted by the season, but every year I wear it a ton. I wonder if anyone noticed??

Knit Companions

I began collecting badges by influence of a stylist. Whenever I go into a clothing shop or a general goods store and see a cute badge I snatch it up, especially animals I probably like the most. One day I think I want to try making a piece of clothing filled with those badges.

*Disclaimer* I am still actively learning Japanese and this translation is not perfect. This translation is as direct of a translation as I can make it and I took some liberties as a native English speaker to make it flow better in English, as some things don’t translate well into English from Japanese.

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3 thoughts on “[Translation] MINA December 2014, Masuda Takahisa – “Massu Styling” Volume 3

  1. kata0mi says:

    Massu should definetly buy more knit because it suit him perfectly. As expected he needed to add a really funky accesory XD lol. I love it ! The hat give some pep to his outfit. The school kind of knit is really classy with the pins ! I think it might be my favorite knit with the red and black stripped one. The red and black one seems to be perfect for cold season, warm and fluffy.
    I want to go shopping for boys clothes now XD …lol.

    Thank you for the translation !


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