Translation: Ray October, 2013 – Earth Music&Ecology x Ray x NEWS Dress Collaboration Part 1- Koyama and Tegoshi Cross Talk

Tegoshi and Koyama Special Talk:

They both declare that they like dresses, but they have different tastes! Starting from their tastes in dresses, we asked them about their “ideal woman image”.


Let’s start from “buying a cute dress”:

Tegoshi: I love the style of girls wearing dresses!

Koyama: All men like it don’t they! Individually what do you like? Will it be similar? Let’s say it together at the same time!

(at the same time)

Tegoshi: Plain

Koyama: Flower Pattern. Oh! Totally different!

Tegoshi: Personally, even though there is a lot of Rock-like style, I like a softer feeling. A pink dress with the girls hair twisted back is my ideal.

Koyama: Patterned fabrics are really difficult, but in winter and fall for a cool, composed feeling, flower print is easy to challenge isn’t it? If I went to pick up my girlfriend and she appeared in a flower print dress I would be really excited! I would totally get that she showed up being fashionable.

Tegoshi: I also want her to wear a dress on a date too! My ideal is meeting after class is over at school and if she was wearing a pink dress that would be the best!

Koyama: Because Tegoshi has a rock taste in clothes, it’s probably better for balance for the girl to wear a plain style right? If she skillfully pairs a belt and accessories with it, it’s fantastic.

Tegoshi: A bit high-waisted, it hits at the waistline nicely and has a good balance.

Koyama: Would you go shopping together [with the girl]?

Tegoshi: If it was a girl that I liked, I would. I also like just hanging out together. But, if we went around to lots of stores and in the end she says that she wants to go back to the first store, I couldn’t do that! LOL

Koyama: Just like our Masuda right! LOL What about items to pair with the dress? With a flower print dress, pairing a plain cardigan or a leather jacket is cute isn’t it?

Tegoshi: In the fall and winter, something like bare legs with short boots is cute isn’t it? Your legs show with a dress, so to wear the dress you should to adjust it to your own body type and can refine yourself, right?

Koyama: Because guys will definitely notice girls wearing a dress! You shouldn’t be embarrassed when you get noticed because knowing that guys notice you wearing dress will make you prettier!

Tegoshi: As expected, appearance really is important. That love can begin from fashion really is true! If a girl wears clothes that she loves, I would want to talk to her and know more about her inner side as well.

Koyama: Also, when a girl wears a one piece, her character seems more feminine than normal.

Tegoshi: Wearing a feminine dress is a special right as a woman that should be used to your advantage. I want you to use it to your advantage and your self-confidence to increase. If we had more girls doing that, guys will have to work harder to be more fashionable too! In order to get love, why don’t you first try starting with buying a cute dress?

Koyama: Those who haven’t tried wearing a print dress yet, I would love for you to try to this fall. If you are aiming for an older guy, I want you to be able to catch him with a fashionable print dress. If it were me, I would be totally caught! LOL


*Disclaimer* I am still actively learning Japanese and this translation is not perfect. This translation is as direct of a translation as I can make it and I took some liberties as a native English speaker to make it flow better in English, as some things don’t translate well into English from Japanese.


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