Translation – Mina January 2015 , Masuda Takahisa – “Massu Styling” Volume 4


This Month’s theme is: Mid-Winter warm Color.

Massu’s popular “My clothing style” column. This time with the cold winter, he brings us the theme warmth of “color”!

To begin with, for winter coordinate, layering and different fabrics I really like to use to add an extra something. The theme this time is “Winter Colors”, so I was really wavering whether to show a flashy space pattern down Jacket, but I put the DISCOVERED Red Checked, fleece rider jacket1 as the lead instead. Not just that I will wear each item, but also thought laying them together and the different materials would be fun, so again I also bought these at first sight. For outerwear2, color and patterns require courage so people normally choose basic outerwear, but I really love and can’t resist the mix of different fabrics so this was an unexpectedly good choice for me!

I didn’t hesitate at all with deciding this t-shirt for the inner3.. In all honestly, I came up with it off the top of my head, but if you think about it, the shirt links the coloring of the outfit probably. Normally I would just wear  my thin blue kind of oversized pants for the bottom of the outfit, but this time I decided to turn on the “checked pattern switch”,  and spontaneously tied a check shirt around my waist with it.4   If you went out wearing this coordinate, I would want to go to the terrace of a nice café. Say that cafe gives you a blanket, it’s like I would incorporate that into my outfit coordination! LOL No matter what, I am attracted to check patterned items. I like it so much that someday I want to do a head to toe check coordinate, so coming up let’s do it! Please look forward to it!

Also, my hair is black after a long time, so it’s been fun. Even with the same outfit coordinate you get a different impression and also the types of clothes you choose and the types of clothes that suit you change too.


Translators Notes:

1. He uses the term: ボアライダース, “Boa Riders” for the Jacket and I asked my Japanese friend and looked it up online and this was the best translation I can find and we could come up with,  a fleece rider jacket.

2. Outerwear in Japanese means Jackets or Coats.

3. Inner is the opposite of Outerwear, meaning what he is wearing inside the jacket or coat.

4.  He  means he tied a checked patterned shirt over his pants that he normally wears, like you see some Japanese idols wear sometimes.



*Disclaimer* I am still actively learning Japanese and this translation is not perfect. This translation is as direct of a translation as I can make it and I took some liberties as a native English speaker to make it flow better in English, as some things don’t translate well into English from Japanese.


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