Translation – Mina March 2015 , Masuda Takahisa – “Massu Styling” Volume 6

masus-styling-volume-6This Month’s Theme is “Loveable Hats and Sunglasses”

Massu’s popular column! This month’s styling is a close up on the fashion essential: accessories.

I love both sunglasses and hats and have tons of them. There are not many days that I don’t wear them. Like today, wearing the same necklace and T-shirt but changing the hat and sunglasses gives a different feeling is really interesting. What version do you like best, everyone?

  1. Hats in a “Mischievous” way

I don’t normally pile them on top of eachother though (LOL) I picked out a bunch and brought them for the photo-shoot. When having a flashy-clothing kind of day, a flashy cap is a must!

  1. Pop on a Flight Cap!

There are lots of gaunchy patches on it. With this the military style it also becomes “pop-like” I would hope! LO

  1. Wearing Heart Sunglasses Seriously

These are Jeremy Scott Heart sunglasses. I thought the beaded design was interesting and I bought it at first sight.

  1. Color Coordination

This pair of colored sunglasses is something that I wouldn’t normally wear personally, but trying them on I think it looks nice. I like how New Era sticks to their brand concept.

  1. To Open

The black lenses can both be opened and you can also put clear lenses in them as well, but because it looked strange during the photo-shoot it was rejected. Thus, you see the closed version.

  1. Very First Round Glasses

Round Glasses really don’t go well on me, but when I “met” these glasses it was a total “Finally!” moment. Using the broadness and the height of the hat, I tried creating a worldly, sophisticated look.

  1. I’m interested in…. Part 1

Because there are small pom poms stuck to the glasses, you can’t see out of them. About 10 of them have fallen off too. “If they are sitting in your glasses storage area, it would be really exciting!” I thought and I bought them.

  1. I’m interested in…. Part 2

I “met” this hat in a used clothing store. “THIS” I thought. I haven’t worn it outside the house even once, but I have worn it while watching TV (LOL).

  1. I’m a Playboy!

Vintage Playboy. The design was around even when it was out of style, but it came back around and I really do think it’s very cool.

Check out my twitter for a full picture of Massu Styling! Twitter: @nihonchique

*Disclaimer* I am still actively learning Japanese and this translation is not perfect. This translation is as direct of a translation as I can make it and I took some liberties as a native English speaker to make it flow better in English, as some things don’t translate well into English from Japanese.


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