Japanese Fashion- Room Wear At gelato pique

Throughout  my shopping experiences in Japan, I had yet to stumble upon a store that had room wear, or lounge wear, that I actually liked. I was used to American styles, like Victoria’s Secret and their sub-brand Pink, so when I moved to Japan all I saw was frilly lingerie and room wear, which I had very little interest in. At that time, I also really didn’t care what I wore to bed, wearing some random sleep shorts and an old university t-shirt to bed, but as I became older the luxury of lounging around the house made me realize that I wanted to feel comfortable, as well as fashionable, while at home. During my hunt for some nice room wear in Japan,  back in the fall of this past year I was flipping through a fashion magazine, and I stumbled upon a section of pajamas and room wear. Some of the things were still very frilly, but I saw one set of satin pajamas in particular that I really liked a lot, which is a rarity here in Japan (Pictured below). The store that it was from was called gelato pique (Yes, all lowercase letters), and it has frilly goods, but also some really decent room wear that rivals Victoria’s secret, in my opinion.



I decided to check out their website, and realized that it was a store that I passed quite often and had seen many of people carrying shopping bags from while I was out shopping myself. I decided to stop in myself after my rampage on the website and see of myself what the items looked like and felt like.

They have a variety of goods, from hoodies to robes, hair bands and socks, as well as pajamas. They even have a men’s room wear collection as well! My favorite series of theirs though is a series called the “Moco Moco” series, which literally translates to ‘fluffy’ in english. They have socks, hoodies, and robes; literally anything that can be fluffy for pajamas and room wear, they make fluffy.

Shortly after I went into the shop, they released their Limited Edition Christmas Collection, and I was in love.



When my boyfriend was here in Japan for Christmas and New Years, I had taken him into the store to look at a Christmas present for my best friend a few days before Christmas, and ended up telling him that I really wanted one myself. I was really surprised when he just went up to the cashier and bought it right away for me as a Christmas present (after I forced him to confirm that Meghan hadn’t bought it for me as a present already), as we really don’t get each other gifts.




I have worn this hoodie to bed basically every night since I got it (as we don’t have central heating in Japan and it gets very cold at night), and I have never felt more comfy going to bed! Something that I also love about gelato pique is that they come out with limited edition items for different holidays in Japan, like Christmas, Valentines Day, and White Day.

I had been on a rampage looking at their website again ever since they had announced their Spring and Summer collection, and I went out towards the beginning of March and bought a cardigan, making it my second item from gelato pique.



Once piece of advice that I will give you if you want to buy from this brand is that most of their items, especially the Moco Moco series, are hand wash/ dry clean. Also, their prices are more than Victoria’s Secret (about 7000+ yen, or about 60 USD for a moco moco hoodie), but it is a brand that you won’t be buying multiple hoodies a year from either.


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