My Comeback to YouTube

The last time I made a YouTube video was June 2013…. over 3 years ago. I originally started making YouTube videos in 2010 to talk about Johnnys and Associates and my love for Japan. I even made a Weekly Kanjani8 vlog for a while, which ultimately I stopped after going to Kansai Gaidai in 2011. I eventually just made favorites videos and clothing hauls, along with talking about the Johnnys things that I bought when I moved to Japan…. and then it just suddenly stopped. I can’t even pinpoint why I stopped, but it was probably a combination of life and that I lost inspiration… and 3 years passed. I had always wanted to go back to making videos, but there were so many barriers in my head and I didn’t.

I decided to but all of those barriers aside and  bring back my channel a few weeks ago and since then, I have made 2 videos! One was just a bit of a “Hey, I am back!” video and the second one was about my experience interviewing for non-english teaching related jobs.

I will make another blog post soon going a bit more in depth about what I talked about in the Job interview video, but for now check out my welcome back video, if you haven’t yet!

If you have any suggestions on content for the channel and for the blog, please feel free to comment below! I would love your suggestions.


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