VLOG: Japan Favorites March and April 2013! | 日本のお気に入りのもの紹介2013年3月,4月!

Hey Everyone!

I am back with another Vlog, and this time my Japan favorites for the months of March and April!  I was home in America for 95% of the month of March, but some Johnnys things were released so I included those in this video as well!

This month’s favorites video has things ranging to seasonal things to do in Japan (this month, Cherry Blossom season!), Make-up, Johnnys releases, and a mall with a cute cake shop that I have fallen in love with!

I hope you enjoy my favorites Japan Favorites of March and April!

Things Mentioned in the Video:

Sakura Season (Cherry Blossom)/ Hanami
Kanjani8 – He so magari/ Koko ni shikanai keshiki 「へそ曲がり/ここしかない景色」
Tegomassu – Sayonara ni Sayonara 「サヨナラにさよなら」
QLAP Magazine
24 Hour Tattoo Eye liner
Namba Parks
Harbs cake shop

Japan Favorites October 2012

Hi everyone!

I am bringing you my Monthly Japan favorites video! This month is October!



A company under the same company that owns UNIQLO! They have some awesome sweaters during the fall and winter, thus I like GU this month! They offer Women’s and Men’s clothes, so be sure to check them out!


Kanjani8 For No.8 Photo book and 8est Album

I already made a blog post and a vlog about it, so you are interested, please go to my blog post by the link below!

Kanjani8 For No.8 Photobook and 8est Album Thoughts

Meji – Melty Kiss Chocolate

Melty Kiss is one of my favorite chocolates in Japan and it only comes out in Fall and Winter! It comes in Strawberry, Green Tea, and Milk Chocolate flavors! Costs 250 Yen for 1 box.


Hanamaru Udon

This is an Udon restaurant chain that I have been to in Shinsaibashi, Osaka and Shibuya, Tokyo. It offers some delicious Udon for a really cheap price, around 300 yen for the basic udon. You can also choose some fried sides to enjoy as well! I normally get the Kitsune Udon (Udon with Friend Tofu on top)


Nakau Restaurant 

This is a Japanese fast food restaurant that offers Katsudon, Gyudon, Udon, and more! Check out the website below to see what they offer! I love their Udon and Karage (Fried Chicken Breast pieces)


Dominos Pizza Japan

The Domin’s Branch in Japan! It has an english website to order Pizza, Pasta, hot subs and more! Check out the website below to see what they offer. I personally love their pepperoni and cheese pizza!


I hope you enjoyed this video and you can check some of these things out if you come to Japan!