Johnny’s Talk – Concert Rules

The first time I went to a Johnny’s concert back in 2009, I had no idea about concert manners. I didn’t understand why people held these things with messages or people’s faces on them (later finding out they were called “Uchiwas”) and waved glow sticks in unison (called penlights) or why there were no photos allowed inside the venue. Over the years, I learned the concert manners and now understand why these things, and many others, happen. In this post, I will discuss some major concert rules and why they are there.

No Photography or Video allowed During the Concert or in the Venue.

The number one thing you will notice when you get in line for a Johnny’s concert is that they search your bag. During this check they ask you if you have a camera, the reason being you are not allowed to take pictures or videos during concerts. This is one of the biggest rules that might be a huge contrast to your own home country. In America, and many other countries, you are allowed to take video and pictures during a concert or inside the venue. In Japan for the most part you can’t, even for concerts outside Johnny’s. This doesn’t mean as a visitor to Japan and as a foreigner that this rule doesn’t apply to you though.

The reason for no pictures or videos during the concert or inside the venue is because they don’t want anything shared on social media or to be shared without their consent. This may seem constraining, but that is how the Japanese music industry works. In return, they usually release a DVD and official pictures. Another reason is etiquette, holding a camera up in the air the whole concert may mean blocking other people’s view around you. In some venues, cameras are also seen as a health and safety hazard.

Uchiwa Etiquette

Uchiwas are those things that fans hold with the member’s faces on it or a message written on it. In a concert in America, you are allowed to make signs or something to hold during a concert, but since they are too big, Japan uses Uchiwas to do the same thing. Now, these Uchiwas are not allowed to be held over your face or be more than the typical Uchiwa size. If you do not know the size of an uchiwa and want to make one, click here for the proper dimensions.

The reason that these rules are in place is because if you raise the Uchiwa over your head, it blocks the view of the person behind you and ruins the concert experience for them. This also goes for the amount of Uchiwas you hold at the same time. You are only allowed to hold 2 Uchiwas at a time in your hands, as it will block the person to the side and behind you from seeing properly.

Stay in your Assigned Seat

As a health and safety standard, as well as to keep things orderly and to protect the safety of the talents, stay in your assigned seat. Even if you are on the end of a row, don’t step out into the aisle. Also, don’t run to catch any streamers that are falling further away from your seat.

Listen to the Venue Staff

The staff members are in the venue for a reason, to help direct the audience and make sure everything is in order. You will see the staff members everywhere, and they will also be directing you to where to go and what to do. When you are in and around the venue, follow their instructions. They are the people holding the signs that tell you to take no pictures in the venue and also direct you if you need help. If they approach you about something, please be respectful and do what they say. The staff do not bother you if you aren’t doing something out of line. I am not perfect about this, and I have snapped at a staff member before, but also know that they are just doing their job.

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Johnny’s Talk: Johnny’s Goods Prices Increase as of February 1, 2014

Starting with the stage play “Endless Shock” Johnny’s has decided to increase the price of the regular goods for their concerts and stage plays. This includes Uchiwas, Clearfiles, posters, and pamphlets. The goods have been the same price for over 15 years now and the company decided to increase the prices as of February 1, 2014.

The new prices are as follows:

Pamphlet: 2000yen —> 2200 yen *This depends on the stage play and show, some pamphlets are larger than others, but this is the base price.

Poster: 800 yen —> 900 Yen. *if Its a B2 Size poster it is 800 yen

Yen Clearfile: 500 yen —> 600 yen Jumbo

Uchiwa: 500 Yen —> 600 Yen


*Picture Credit to twitter

*EDIT* English Translation of the message above can be found here. Thank you to @keicchan on twitter!:

Though the company states that the reason is the sharply rising costs of making the goods in the past few years, this probably also has to do with the increase in consumption tax that Prime Minster Abe has helped implement in Japan, though the company didn’t say that it was directly a factor in its statement. This increased consumption tax that will begin in April, raising the tax from 5% to 7%, then in a few years time increasing it to 10%. This means that buy an item at a 100 yen shop now, now you have to pay 105 yen per 1 item. In April, it will increase to 107 yen for 1 item, and later 110 yen per item.

My thoughts: I think this is a smart move on Johnny’s part, as a company. Some of the fans on twitter don’t seem to be pleased with this, but because the company has had the same prices for their goods for 15 years and there is a increase in consumption tax implemented by the government starting in April, Jonny’s has no other choice but to raise the prices of goods. Also, as time passes the value of money depreciates, thus having to increase the prices of goods. The value of money today isn’t the same as what it used to be 15 years ago.

Well, fellow fangirls! Be prepared to dish out more money on goods from here on out!