Review: NEWS – “NEWS” Album

NEWS is back! This time, with their first totally original album since they became”New” NEWS. In 2012, they released a BEST album that contained all of their old songs, but this album is the first album since they become 4 members to have all new songs with just the 4 of them. The album is self titled as「NEWS」and features 12 songs (13 on the regular edition). 3 of these song were released as singles  in the past year: チャンカパーナ(Chankapana)、WORLD QUEST, and ポコポンペコーリャ(Pokoponpekorya). The album also features the WING Kirei Bra commercial song 「渚のお姉サマー」Nagisa no Onee-sama, which was not released as … Continue reading Review: NEWS – “NEWS” Album

Thoughts on: Masuda Takahisa’s Stageplay 「ストレンジ・フルーツ」”Strange Fruit”

Yesterday I had the opportunity to see Massu’s Stage play, “Strange Fruit”! This was my first time seeing Massu in a stage play and I was really excited to see how he would perform! Now, I will admit that I originally went to this play just because Massu was in it. As I read about the play itself and watched some of Massu’s TV appearances promoting the play though, I started to become really interested in the story line itself, as well as how Massu would play a character that is not similar to his normal personality. The play was … Continue reading Thoughts on: Masuda Takahisa’s Stageplay 「ストレンジ・フルーツ」”Strange Fruit”

Diary Post: ありがとう、テゴマス – Thank You, Tegomassu

Today’s concert wasn’t much different from yesterdays. The only thing different was the MC and that they came out after the 1st encore and did a walk around the arena 1 time waving bye to the audience. Well, that was the end of my Tegomassu no Mahou Live experience. I can’t describe the feelings that I have inside right now from this live because it is so strong. From here, I want to write a letter to Tegomassu attempting to express these feelings. Dear Tegomassu, This weekend has been one of the best I have had in a really long … Continue reading Diary Post: ありがとう、テゴマス – Thank You, Tegomassu

Tegomassu no Mahou 3rd Live Tour- Kobe World Hall, December 10, 2011

Today was one of the best days that I have had here in Japan! It started out with the hour and 15 minute trip to Kobe World hall. After that, we bought goods and went back to Sannomiya to eat lunch and to wander around a bit. The concert started at 5:00pm and we got there at about 4:45pm. So, I will talk about the concert as best as I can remember. No set list, but I will give some highlights. This really isn’t a concert report, just somethings that I want to share with other fans. Its in no … Continue reading Tegomassu no Mahou 3rd Live Tour- Kobe World Hall, December 10, 2011