Japanese Entertainment – Hey Say Jump: Looking back at 2014

Welcome readers! We interrupt your regularly scheduled Lauren’s World for a takeover by the Notorious Rambler (also known as Holly). Please keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times.

Actually, Lauren asked me to write up a guest post for her blog, and so I’m choosing to write about one of the few things I know a lot about: Hey Say Jump. It’s fitting perhaps since Lauren was the one who introduced me to all things Johnnys and sent me down this rabbit hole of no return. (There may or may not have been an incident where I danced to Hitomi no Screen with knives in Lauren’s kitchen once. But I’ll admit to nothing and you can’t prove anything.)

But I digress. I came here to talk about Hey Say Jump (known now and forevermore as HSJ for the purposes of my laziness). More specifically, I came here to talk about HSJ and the year they hit a sort of renaissance. 2014 was a good year for the group, so let me just ask you to spare a few moments of your time while I tell you about it.

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