Diary Post: ありがとう、テゴマス – Thank You, Tegomassu

Today’s concert wasn’t much different from yesterdays. The only thing different was the MC and that they came out after the 1st encore and did a walk around the arena 1 time waving bye to the audience.

Well, that was the end of my Tegomassu no Mahou Live experience. I can’t describe the feelings that I have inside right now from this live because it is so strong. From here, I want to write a letter to Tegomassu attempting to express these feelings.

Dear Tegomassu,

This weekend has been one of the best I have had in a really long time. This weekend, I was able to come and see you in concert for the first time. The anticipation of this live was keeping me going for the past 2 months or so, and it had lived up to my expectations and much much more.

It wasn’t just your performance, it was also meeting many different people and experiencing the same thing with them together and sharing the same passion for music.

Tegomassu, Thank you for your amazing music.

Thank you for bringing people together to see you perform and share their love for the music you make.

Thank you for your bright smiles that give me the passion to keep on moving towards my own dreams.

Thank you for your passionate performances and love for your music that transcends language barriers.

Please never loose your passion and energy. It meant so much to me to feel so much warmth and genuineness from you. Not many artists these days have that and I love you for it. Even though I see your maturing from the other two tours to this one, you still have that same passion and same energy that I can only describe as Tegomassu.

I hope that one day I can see you live again. I will wait for that day to come in anticipation.

Thank You, Tegomassu. Thank You.


Tegomassu no Mahou 3rd Live Tour- Kobe World Hall, December 10, 2011

Today was one of the best days that I have had here in Japan!

It started out with the hour and 15 minute trip to Kobe World hall. After that, we bought goods and went back to Sannomiya to eat lunch and to wander around a bit.

The concert started at 5:00pm and we got there at about 4:45pm.

So, I will talk about the concert as best as I can remember. No set list, but I will give some highlights. This really isn’t a concert report, just somethings that I want to share with other fans. Its in no particular order, just how I remembered it in!

*Stage Set Up*

-Kobe world hall is so small compared to the big domes. Our seats were the 3rd row from the top towards the center and they were AMAZING!

-The stage was centered with 2 big “runways” jutting out and 2 small ones. The 2 big ones are what had the Miso Soup bowls and moons that they rode on.

-The main center stage is where they mostly performed on and that rose up and rotated many times throughout the concert.

– The band was under the rotating main center stage and you could see them very well!

– 4 big screens on top of the center stage that showed such cute animations with every song!

– There were stars EVERYWHERE in the hall! They lit up at different times in the concert.

*The Concert* 

-Tegomassu look hotter in person. Just sayin’

-I LOVED their costumes!

-During Miso Soup, they were in Miso Soup Bowls. Tegoshi stayed put for the most part, but Massu was playing with the chop sticks and even pretended to play the guitar with one of them at one point!

-Hajimete no Asa started acapella because the hall was so small. I could hear their voices perfectly when they sung it.

-The did a really funny rap thing in order to get us to sit down for the MC! I was laughing so hard the whole time they did it because Tegoshi was using his “magic” to get us to sit down. They can’t be gangster … hahaha!

-My favorite part of the concert is when they had us sit down for like 3 songs and they sat on stools and sung. I was tearing up really and I never do. Most people stopped moving their penlights or turned them off and were just listening to them sing. It was amazing.

-During the encore, the Tegomassu Band was REALLY getting into the Orengatang Cheeta Panda song! It was really fun!

-Tegoshi was controlling our volume for the “la la la”‘s during that song.

-During the MC, Massu said that he had been to see the Kobe Illumination the night before (which me and my friend went to after the concert) and Tegoshi went on a mountain near Kobe earlier that day with some of the Tegomassu band. He showed a picture.

-After the MC was almost over and the band had come back, Massu talks to Tegoshi without the microphone and the says he forgot something or had to do something and rushed off stage for a few minutes, leaving Tegoshi there talking to the audience. I think he had to go to the restroom because he had been drinking a lot of tea or something during the concert. It wasn’t water because it wasn’t clear.

Well, that is all that I can remember right now. If I remember anything else, I will put an edit to this post! I will be posting again tomorrow about tomorrow’s events and then a video about my feelings of the concert and such as well.

Thanks and I hoped you enjoyed!!