Johnny’s Talk: Balloting Process for Concert Fanclub Tickets


This article was written back in 2013 and most of the Johnnys fanclubs have been converted to a digital balloting system in the past few years.  Please comment below if you would like an updated article on the digital balloting system!

I have realized that many International fans I have talked to recently don’t really know the process for balloting for Johnnys Fanclub Tickets. I remember the first time I joined the fan club I had no idea how to ballot and I had to ask advice from others on twitter about balloting and the timing and other details. Since many international fans might not know the process, like me in the beginning, I thought it would be helpful to share with you readers what the process is like.

Step 1. Announcement of a Tour

No balloting can start until the announcement of the tour, of course! So at this point the fanclub members get an email from the fan club (Remember if you have joined the fanclub to subscribe to the email service!) with the details and dates of the tour, including the price of the tickets and how many tickets you can ballot for. Yes, there is a limit to how many tickets that can be balloted for and most of the time it is up to 4 tickets per show.

Step 2. Fill in the Balloting Forms

At this point, you can either wait for the letter in the mail with all the info and pre-filled in balloting sheets or you can logon to the fanclub website and find the codes that you need in order to ballot and you can go fill out the forms from the post office yourself instead if you don’t want to wait. If you don’t want to fill out the forms yourself, you wait for the forms to come to you in the mail. Johnny’s gives you 2 pre-filled out balloting forms and they are really easy to fill out.

Process for Johnnys Pre-filled in Forms:

1. Fill in the Codes in the box for what concerts you want.

The letter that Johnny’s gives you will come with the show dates and venues and codes next to them. You fill in up to 3 codes on the form for your 1-3rd choice shows.

TIP: If you want to ballot for more than 1 show, than you have to fill out as many forms as shows you want to go to. They list 3 codes you can put in on the form, but that means that if your first choice show you didn’t hit for, the other 2 will be next  for you to be considered for. That doesn’t mean you balloted to go to all 3 of those shows. So for example, if you want to go to 3 shows, you have to fill out 3 ballots. This means that you also have to fill out a Post office form on your own if you want to ballot for more than 2 shows in the same tour because Johnnys only gives you 2 of them pre-filled out.

2. Fill in how many Tickets you want to ballot for + The Amount of money to be paid.

Most Johnnys shows you can only ballot to up to 4 tickets per show, but sometimes there are exceptions so look at the information sheet Johnnys gives you to see how many you are allowed to ballot up to. On the letter about the information for the show that Johnny’s gives you, they will have a table to tell you the amount to fill in for the money based on how many tickets you want to ballot for. There is a base price + a balloting fee. For example, NEWS LIVE TOUR 2013 this year was 6,800 yen per ticket + 500 yen. So if you wanted to ballot for 2 tickets it would be 14,100 yen in total that you fill in on the sheet. The table on the information sheet from Johnny’s gives you the amount to fill in IN TOTAL that you need to pay depending on how many tickets you want to ballot for, so there is no confusion.

3. Day time phone number

You put in your daytime phone number in the appropriate box as well.


That sums up filling out the pre-filled in balloting forms! If you have to fill in a post office form on your own because you want to go to more than 2 shows, the information sheet that Johnnys sends will have a diagram on exactly how you fill that out as well. You have to put a lot more information on it besides the things I mentioned before because all your information is automatically pre-filled in on the forms that Johnny’s gives you. You have to fill in address, Fanclub number, and name, as well as the numbers of the bank account you are sending the money transfer to, so just look at the diagram on the information sheet and you should be fine! And remember to fill out everything in Kanji as well. I don’t think you can ballot with filling everything in English/ Romaji.

TIP: Make sure to double check everything before you send the forms out! Especially if you filled out a post office form on your own because the numbers on the top of the form are important in order to send the money and each tour and each fanclub has totally different accounts you are sending the money to. Double check your fanclub number as well and your address that it matches what is on your fanclub account. The pre-filled in forms have all that on it already, so you just have to fill in the 3 things I mentioned before for those.

TIP 2: If you filled in more than 1 show for your 1-3choices, then be sure you write everything down or take a picture of you ballots so that you remember what exactly you balloted for because you could hit for a different show than you thought if you filled in more choices on the form.

Step 3. Ballot at the Post Office

Go to your closest post office and go to the banking counter and send the forms! You can also use the post office ATM to do it after banking hours or if you don’t want to go inside to do it, but I prefer to do it inside because I don’t want to mess up sending it through the ATM. There is a fee to send it out on top of everything else of about 80 yen at the ATM and 120 yen if you do at the counter inside. This is the point where you send the money with it as well.

Then…. You wait.

TIP: If you don’t hit for Tickets, you WILL get a refund back in the mail from the post office, minus the balloting fee and minus another small amount to send the refund back to you. I will talk about that more later.

TIP 2: Look at the information sheet and see when the last day to send in the balloting forms is. It must be post marked by that day in order to be considered so please try and send it out in advance!

Step 4. Calling For Balloting Results

About 2 weeks or so after the final day to ballot,  you will get an email from Johnny’s again saying that the balloting results are ready. There is a number on the information sheet (also listed in the email that comes too) that you call to find out if you hit for tickets.



What information you need to call:

Fanclub Number

Fanclub account password (last 4 digits of the number you regristered with the fanclub and is also the same one you use to log into the fanclub website)

Once you get through to the service, first thing you will hear is a message welcoming you to the service. After that, they will list off all the fanclubs and their numbers to press + # to see the balloting results for the group you want. After that it will ask you for your fanclub number, which is 8 digits in total + #. If your fanclub number is less than that, you have to put zeros in front of it to make it that many digits. After that it’ll ask for your fanclub password + #. Then it will start to ask if you want to listen to the balloting and you press 1. Then it’ll tell you how many ballots you submitted and you press 1 again. Then you have to press 1 every time after it lists a ballot to go into the next ballot. Also, if you hit it’ll say the show time and all the information about your winning ballot 2 times then it’ll ask you to press 1 to move on to the next ballot. You know if you don’t hit when it says something about not hitting and please wait for your refund and it’ll also not repeat the message either.


TIP: The service is extremely crowded right after the email is sent so you will be calling many many times to get through to  the service. So don’t give up!

TIP 2: You can’t call using a pre-paid cellphone. You also pay to call into this service, so a pre-paid cellphone doesn’t work because it can’t charge your account for calling.

TIP3: There is a time limit that the service works for each day. From 6am-1am each day so be careful!

TIP4: Have a paper and pencil at your side so that while you are listening to the ballots you can write them down know exactly what shows you hit for and how many tickets, just in case.

Step 5: Receive the tickets + Refund

About 2 weeks before the show you will receive the tickets in the mail. Johnny’s will send out an email saying the exact day that they will be delivered. Each stop on the tour will have a different day for the tickets to be delivered, all the tickets don’t come at the same time, except if there is 2 days at the same venue.

Also around this time if you didn’t hit for tickets, you will get a refund in the mail that you also take to the post office and get your money back. You have to fill in your address on the form and the post office staff will tell you where do to that on the refund form.

TIP: You don’t know where your seats are until you get the tickets in the mail!



I hope you all enjoyed this “tutorial” of sorts! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! If you also have anything else you want to know about Johnny’s for Johnny’s talk, let me know by commenting as well!


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