Thoughts on: Nishikido Ryo’s Movie “Kencho Omotenashi Ka” 「県庁おもてなし課」

A few days ago I decided to go and see Nishikido Ryo’s new movie “Kencho Omotenashi Ka”. I had seen some of the previews and had listened to the theme song (sung by Kanjani8) and I had a little bit of an idea of what it was going to be about.

Basically, this movie revolves around the Kochi Prefecture’s (one of the 47 prefectures of Japan) newly reestablished hospitality department、which is the title of the movie 「県庁おもてなし課」, basically translating to “Prefectural Office Hospitality Department”. The job of the department is to promote tourism in the Kochi prefecture and the movie revolves around Ryo’s character, Kakemizu Fumitaka, trying to recruit a famous author, who was born and raised in Kochi, to help promote Kochi for tourism. Instead of doing that, the author tells Ryo’s character to go to another person, Kiyoto Kazumasa, instead. it is soon realized Kazumasa had been forced to leave the Kochi Prefecture office previously for controversial ideas. The rest of the story revolves around the conflit of bringing Kazumasa on as an advisor to the hospitality department, with a little bit of subtle romance, and some other conflict along the way. Actress Hirokita Maki also is in the movie and plays a semi-main character, the part time worker in the Hospitality department, Myoujin Taki.

All in all, I thought this was a cute movie! It was heartwarming, and the point of the movie, I thought, was realizing the love you have for the place that you were born in and scenery that can only be seen in a certain place. Because of this, Kanjani8’s theme song 「ここしかない景色」”koko shikanai keshiki” (translated to “Scenery only here”) is a perfect theme song for this movie. The only parts that were bad, in my opinion, were some of the fly-by and scenic scenes were a bit too fast and kinda blurry and shaky at some points. I thought the acting was amazing and that the script was well written. The story flowed well and there weren’t too many slow parts or fillers. I would recommend people to see this movie if they are in the mood for a light hearted, pick me up kind of movie!

Nishikido Ryo in April TBS Drama ….. Starring as Himself!?!?

It was announced today that Nishikido Ryo is going to be in a TBS drama starting in April ….. starring as himself! The drama is called “Papa wa Idol” or in English, “Papa is an Idol”. The drama is a “home comedy” and the story revolves around Ryo secretly marrying an older, single mom and he has to keep it a secret or he will be forced to retire from being an idol. Kanjani8 members will also be making appearances on the show as themselves too, though it is not mentioned wether they are a big part of the drama or not.

My Thoughts

Ryo has been one of my favorite Japanese actors ever since I watched “Last Friends” and “1 Liter of Tears” and that has just been made stronger since his other recent dramas, especially “Zenkai Girl” from this past summer. Though I might not like the story line sometimes, I think Ryo is almost always right on target with his character and I enjoy watching his acting.

For this drama though, I don’t know what to think. It honestly sounds like a fan fiction that someone would write about Ryo. When I first heard about this, I though it sounded like a story line made just for the fans and that it should have been released for fans, like 8Uppers, on a Kanjani8 DVD or album release or something along those lines. I am not sure how this storyline will translate to the general public, but since it is a comedy they might not take it seriously, which might or might not be a good thing. I just hope that Ryo’s acting reputation will not go down because of this.

One last thought is that this drama could be apart of Kanjani8’s 8 year anniversary special event line up, depending on how much the rest of the members appear in the drama. Kanjani8 fans have been craving a drama with all of Kanjani8 in it for a while, and this might be exactly that. Ryo could just be the main actor in it, making the actual story line, with Kanjani8 all being support as themselves as we get a glimpse of idol life. That is just my speculation of what it could be and I will be waiting, along with all my fellow Kanjani8 fans, to see how this drama turns out. Maybe a new Kanjani8 single will come out of this too? Who knows!