Review: KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive

Second Guest Post by my amazing friend Meghan! She is an amazing writer and requested to write about the new single “Dead or Alive” by KAT-TUN!  A new year has started and KAT-TUN has come out with a killer single. This January KAT-TUN released Dead or Alive. This song was written for Kame’s new movie, Joker Game, which was released on Jan 31st. Jovette and Maiko Rivera, the writers of Dead or Alive, have done a fantastic job with this song and has matched it well with the spy-love theme of the movie, while at the same time still holding … Continue reading Review: KAT-TUN – Dead or Alive

Music that Inspires and Moves Me

At the end of August, I entered the final phase of a chapter of my life; the chapter of being a University/ College student. Even during the summer before I entered this phase, I was having difficulties conveying my feelings. The only way I know how to truly release my frustrations and feelings is through listening and relating to music and this blog. So, today I wanted to discuss some songs that have inspired and moved me recently, most of them being Tegomassu songs. テゴマス – 「アイノナカデ」 (Tegomassu – Ai no naka de) When the Tegomassu’s “Tegomassu no Mahou” album came … Continue reading Music that Inspires and Moves Me