Music that Inspires and Moves Me

At the end of August, I entered the final phase of a chapter of my life; the chapter of being a University/ College student. Even during the summer before I entered this phase, I was having difficulties conveying my feelings. The only way I know how to truly release my frustrations and feelings is through listening and relating to music and this blog. So, today I wanted to discuss some songs that have inspired and moved me recently, most of them being Tegomassu songs.

テゴマス – 「アイノナカデ」 (Tegomassu – Ai no naka de)

When the Tegomassu’s “Tegomassu no Mahou” album came this past October, I really didn’t pay much attention to this song. I am not a big fan of slow songs normally, but when I went to their concert back in December, it was the last song that they performed. I was so moved by it because after the song was over and Tegomassu had left the stage, a music box version of it played with a montage of video from the tour so far and everyone in the crowd sang along with it. It made me feel apart of something, which I have rarely felt in my life before. I have always been a loner, but with I heard everyone singing along to this song after Tegomassu had left the stage, I was about to break down sobbing. After each night of the concert, I went back to my dorm and listened to this song on repeat until I went to bed. It wasn’t until a while later that I found out that Tegomassu had written the song themselves! No wonder I loved it so much.

君の中で 輝く星でいれるのなら
ギュッとして 愛しあうんだ

When this song reaches you
If it can fill you up with sparkling stars, oh
Always stay by my side
Tightly loving each other

This is one of my favorite lines in the whole song, though I love every single one of the lyrics. This song made me want to be apart of something bigger than just residing in loneliness with myself all the time. Thats why it inspires me.

テゴマス -「ら・ら・桜」(Tegomassu – La La Sakura)

Because I have been having a hard time adjusting to this chapter ending, this song has been inspiring me to do my best and let go of all my worries. Cherry Blossoms in Japan represent Spring, which in tern represents new life.

ら・ら・桜 ここから 全てが始まるんだね
不安はあるさ 明日の自分よ 「がんばれ!」
ら・ら・桜 未来は どんな顔しているの?
この胸の 高鳴りよ 風になれ さぁ

La La Sakura, everything begins now
Uncertainly yes, but a “good luck” cheer to who I will be tomorrow
La La Sakura, what kind of face will the future show
Let the wind carry the sound of my beating heart

ら・ら・桜 遅くない ゼロから始まればいいさ
不満はあるさ そんな自分よ 「おつかれ!」
ら・ら・桜 来年も 変わらず綺麗に咲いて
涙目の 思い出も 風になれ

La La Sakura, it’s not too late, we can start again from zero
Frustrations yes, but a “job well done” and a pat on the back for me
La La Sakura, bloom beautifully as you will always do next year too
Let the wind carry away my tearful memories

Once again, Everything in this song inspires me. These 2 lines that make up the chorus though are the ones that resonate the most with me. Its okay to start over from zero, which I will when I graduate, and I need to acknowledge my accomplishments more and not be so hard on myself. This song embodies what my situation, and the situation of many graduates, is at the moment and I love it! It makes me feel better about my situation and that its okay to feel what I feel, because I have so many frustrations recently, but I need to give myself a pat on the back sometimes on what I have accomplished. I don’t do that enough.

テゴマス – 「雪だるま」(Tegomassu – Yuki Daruma)

This song was only brought to my attention today by a friend. She loved this song when we went to see Tegomassu together and she decided she wanted to translate it. She dubbed this her song for me because it embodies my situation back in December perfectly.

I miss you
一期一会の奇蹟 笑顔あふれるけど
泣かないで 思い出を 焼きつけて
さよならは 再会の 約束

I miss you
The miracle of once in a lifetime encounter, smiles overflowed but
Separation is what follows it
Don’t cry, burn this into your memories
Goodbye is the promise to meet again

Why does the chorus embody my situation? Well, I miss Japan a lot and going to Japan to study abroad for 4 months as a University student with no worries was a once in a life time opportunity for me. I had to leave in December in order to graduate on time in May. I cried when I had to leave and I am holding on to the memories that I had there for 4 months until I can go back. The last line “Goodbye is the promise to meet again” is the line that moves me the most. Goodbye to Japan is the promise for me to go back.

テゴマス – 「魔法のメロディ」(Tegomassu – Mahou no Melody)

The first time I heard this song, I was fell love with it. Its what I feel every time I hear my favorite song or a song that inspires me.

魔法のメロディ 響き渡れ もっと遠くへ
その憂いも その痛みも
どんなときも 口ずさめば Ah
清しい風のような 旋律に こころ羽ばたかせて

The melody of magic, resound out even further
Even that sorrow, even that pain
Will melt and become smiles
No matter when, if you sing, Ah
Like a refreshing wind the melody will let your heart fly
and you can go anywhere

Music is my escape. Though I don’t make music myself, I have a high respect for musicians. If I did not have my music that I always listen to, I would be lost. Once again, every time I listen to my favorite music, all of my fears disappear and all of my pain and sorrow fade a way, even for just that minute. That is why I love concerts so much. Its a place where I can escape with my favorite artists for a while and forget about everything in the real world for a little while. My favorite music is my Magic Melody.

関ジャニ8 -「LIFE ~目の前の向こうへ~」(Kanjani8 – Life Menomae ni no mukou e)

This song has always been my top favorite inspirational song and that is why I saved it for last. I fell in love with it from the first time I heard it and I didn’t even know the lyrics at that point. After I knew the lyrics, I fell in love with it even more. Everything about this song is amazing and I can’t pick any specific lines. Its just such an inspirational song for me and it always will be. I have been lucky enough to see this song live 2 times and I loved it each time.

I could mention so many other songs, but these songs have been the ones getting me through this tough time. I am sorry if I have hurt anyone along the way in this process or gave anyone the wrong impression of me.  After this post, I will be going on a hiatus from the online world, while periodically writing in the blog. I still want to share my thoughts, but I think its time for me to back away from the online world for a while. Thank you to all who support me during this time.

*A thank you to for the song translations*


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