About Lauren

Hi everyone! Welcome to my official blog.

If you want content about Japanese pop culture and life in Japan, this is the place for you! I’ll talk about everything from how to get a job in Japan to how to organize your Japanese idol goods. My goal is to bring Japan culture to the world by explaining how life really is like here for an expat and how pop culture is the ultimate soft power.

Why “nihonchique”?

The name nihonchique is a combination of two words: Nihon means Japan in Japanese and chique, which comes from chic which means to be fashionable in french or elegant and sophisticated.

I started this blog initially right before I studied abroad at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka, Japan my last year of university in 2011. I wanted to document my time in Japan and some thoughts. Today, it has turned into more than that. This blog is about my experiences in life with loving and living in Japan, working at Japanese company, Johnny’s and Associates ( a talent agency in Japan), Japanese Entertainment, Dramas, Movies, Fashion, and much more!

Lauren Likes:

NEWS, Tegomassu, KAT-TUN, Japanese variety shows, Ice cream, J-Dramas, Learning about Johnnys and Associates, Photography, Japan, Japanese culture, Apple Pies, Disney, Dogs, All things sparkly,Music and going to concerts, Apple (the electronic company) Products, old school 90’s music, Chai Tea Lattes, Starbucks, Long talks with friends, all kinds of Tea, Fashion, and Discussing J-Drama theories.

Contact info:

email: nihonchique@gmail.com

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and to subscribe to this blog can be found on the sidebar to the right.——–>

YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/nihonchique

Welcome! and I hope you enjoy Lauren’s World!

10 thoughts on “About Lauren

  1. Thorpedo_oz says:

    It been a while since I’ve dropped by your youtube vids. But I’m glad to I did today! I’m so glad you made a new blog at wordpress. Since I cannot really figure out LJ. LOL! I’ll be following and dropping by here often to read your experiences and blog your way to Japan. Good Luck in Japan and Happy Birthday!


  2. てんし 増田 says:

    I just sow your blog and it’s Amazing. well dome and Keep going.
    thou I see that making Video blogs are more effective (and maybe more easy to reach many people) than written blogs, but also I know that it’s hard to explain and do everything in one video .. soo
    GOOD luck in what you see is best *\(^^)/*


    • nihonchique says:

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am glad you enjoy my videos! From the new year I plan to start making videos again! I got busy and lots if things happened, but the new year it will be making videos again!


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