Concert Report: Johnny’s Countdown 2014-2015 in Tokyo Dome


This year on New Year’s Eve, I was able to attend Johnny’s Countdown for the first time! Since I became a fan, I have watched it every year on TV. This year though, Johnny’s Countdown wasn’t broadcasted on television, so it was different compared to previous years . In this post I will talk about what happened in the concert briefly, followed by some thoughts I had afterwards. Let’s get started!

The Concert

The concert started promptly at 11:00pm, starting with a video showing the names of all of the groups that were performing in Johnny’s Countdown this year, and then each group performed by debut year from the most recent debut. Johnny’s West started, followed by ABC-Z, Sexy Zone, and Hey! Say! JUMP. There were actually a lot of fans of these groups in particular that I spotted in the crowd, besides Kinki Kids, which surprised me. These are the “Kouhai” groups, or the younger groups,and it was an interesting experience to see all the different fans from these groups and how different the demographic was from the shows and concerts that I normally go to. I had seen Hey! Say! JUMP live back in 2011 for “Summary” in Kyocera Dome, but I had never seen the rest of the groups live before. If you had read my blog post about my 2014 favorite Johnny’s release picks, then you probably know that I was very interested in Johnny’s West and Hey! Say! JUMP in 2014 and that it was so much fun to sing and dance along with their songs! They really are fun groups to watch live.

After Hey! Say! JUMP was NEWS, which is my favorite group in Johnny’s, so it was very emotional for me to see them back at Tokyo Dome after about a year and a half, singing one of the same songs. They sung their new single “Kaguya”, as well as “Ai Kotoba” and to be completely honest, I was crying hard throughout their whole performance, especially at “Ai Kotoba”, which was a song written for their fans for their 10 Year Anniversary event and not yet released on CD. (Edit. NEWS just announced an album today 1/16 that has “Ai Kotoba” in it) It was very emotional for me to see them live as 4 members after so long.

Next up were Tackey and Tsubasa. This was Tsubasa’s first performance back from being admitted to the hospital, so you could tell that the Tackey and Tsubasa’s fans were very excited. After T&T was Kinki Kids. This had to be my favorite part of the countdown, besides NEWS, because I have heard amazing things about them performing live. I am not a huge fan of Kinki Kids, but their performance blew me away. I have always wanted to seem them live, and this was the perfect opportunity to! I loved hearing their famous debut single “”Garasu no Shonen” (硝子の少年) live.

After Kinki Kids, came the Sempai groups, Shounentai, who has Higashiyama in the duo, as well as Okomoto Kenichi (who is the father of Okomoto Keito of Hey! Say! JUMP. It was fun to see father and son interact with each other on stage, Keito at one point putting on his father’s jacket for him). After they finished perfoming, it was the countdown! After the countdown, Matchy came out on a motorcycle and rode around the dome! It was then introduced that it was his 35th Anniversary, and he performed for about 20 minutes. After his performance, special guest Kuroyanagi Tetsuko came into the dome in a police car with sirens and everything straight from Kouhaku, then came on stage and talked with the Sempais. She congratulated Matchy on his 35th year anniversary and also congratulated Tsubasa on being released from the hospital.

After this, all of the groups then came out and performed one of each of Matchy’s songs, ending with “Ikagen”, in which they all wore the same white jacket with “ikagen” on it. With that, there was the ending greetings and then the concert officially ended.

Overall impressions

This year’s Johnny’s countdown was different than other years, the biggest reason being because they didn’t air it on live television as they normally do. Talking with my other friends who have been many times, normally it would be very “start and stop” because of the TV broadcast and the talents themselves couldn’t really interact with the fans that much. This year, it was smooth and more fan interactions by each of the groups that performed. The Sempai groups did an amazing job performing as well and a highlight for me was seeing some groups perform live that I probably wouldn’t get the chance to see in a normal concert.

I had a few concerns though, which were the talking parts, and also Machy’s performance, and some fan manners. First off, because it was Matchy’s 35th year anniversary, they put a good amount of the attention on that, especially because it was December that he debuted. Because of this, Matchy dominated most of the talking parts, as well as the special guest, Kuroyanagi Tetsuko. Nobody besides Kinki Kids and the other sempai groups (Okomoto Kenichi and Shounentai) talked. If it weren’t for NEWS’s Masuda Takahisa being silly in the background on the screens, NEWS fans wouldn’t have seen much of NEWS talking, same for the other groups too. Many people online were upset at Matchy dominating most of the countdown concert, but others enjoyed it for the sempai groups, so it was divided on this particular point. I still think it is good to respect and honor the sempai groups, but they should have informed us that this would be a special Matchy tribute instead of thinking we would get our normal group interactions singing lots other group’s songs.

Another concern of mine was I saw a lot of people around me, and in the dome in general, sitting down during group’s performances that they weren’t a fan of. Since the concert was dominated by the sempai groups, a lot of the people who came for the younger groups were bored during the other performances and sat down, some even on their phones. Why was this a bad thing? Well, at a Johnny’s concert most people stand up and support the groups, so it is seen as rude to not support the other groups and just sit down. A lot of people online were mentioning this point as well. To be honest, I can’t blame them for wanting to sit down, I even sat down during Matchy’s long MC, but I didn’t sit down when the groups were performing. Even if I wasn’t a fan, I listened and stood up to support everyone and cheered them on.

Have you ever watched Johnny’s Countdown before? How do you think this compares to other years? What do you think about some of the points brought up? Let me know what you think in the comments below!


3 thoughts on “Concert Report: Johnny’s Countdown 2014-2015 in Tokyo Dome

  1. I have been to three CD concerts. It seems that many people were disappointed this year because of the older groups. I can understand that feeling because you want to see your favorite group perform. People need to remember that it is a CD concert, so there are lots of performances that you will have to listen to besides your favorites. I totally agree with you about fans not supporting all the groups. I think it is pretty rude, but you see this in regular concerts as well when you see fans sit down when their favorite member is not in stage. As for the Matchy thing I agree that maybe they should had mentioned or advertised it some way.
    Couple of points:
    Shounentai is actually three people
    If you ever want help to go to a KinKi concert let me know!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment! I am glad that there are other people in other fandoms that agree with my friends and I ahaha Johnny’s Family Club is about supporting all of the groups I think.

      About the points:
      AHH Yes! I knew that but I guess I didn’t edit properly. I shall fix that, thank you!

      Yes! One day I want to go to a Kinki Concert. It would be so fun!

      Thanks again for the comment


  2. A Google search about how to go to a Johnny’s concert as an overseas fan led me here (which i still find it confusing but thanks to your explanation, i understood a little bit more) and I can’t help but comment on this particular post because I’m one who has always watched JCD on the internet after it was aired on FujiTV.

    Honestly, I was very disappointed because it has somewhat became a fan’s “tradition”, or something, to catch JCD at the end of the year and since it wasn’t aired on TV this year, something just felt missing for me. Hearing what you have reported about the interaction between fans and idols makes it a little easier to accept that fact but it would be nice if they could release a DVD of the countdown so that fans who don’t get to go, are able to watch it too XD though I myself understand and can guess why they wouldn’t do that HAHAH

    Personally, I agree totally, and felt that what you wrote was really true such as fans’ concert etiquette and etc. Simply because it’s not their bias group performing doesn’t give them the right to not respect the other groups. I get annoyed at people like that a lot as well ^^; Maybe it’s because I put myself in the shoes of the other groups who get treated like that. I’m sure they will be pretty upset, wouldn’t they?

    I had initially wanted to type something short, but it turned out this long, sorry about that ^^;

    P.S, Reasons why i had to type this comment to you is 1) to thank you for your post about gng to JE concerts (even though now i have realised that it’s an impossible mission for me currently) and 2) I AM A NEWS FAN TOO XD My Bias is NEWS but i love the other groups too ❤ Lastly, as someone who loves Japan too, I think it's really cool that you get to stay in Japan and do the things you are doing!^^


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