Johnny’s Talk: Lauren’s Guide To What To Bring To A Johnny’s Concert

Since many of you all might be coming to a Johnny’s concert here in Japan in the future, I thought I would give you some ideas on what to bring to a Johnny’s concert by telling you what I normally bring to a Johnny’s concert! This is what I bring most of the time when I attend a concert, but it changes sometimes on the show and also the weather as well. Let’s jump right in!

#1: Ticket

This may be obvious, but you can’t enter the concert venue without a ticket. Many a time I have seen on twitter and heard from my friends that they have accidentally forgot their ticket at home or in the hotel. Just double check your bag before you leave to make sure you have your ticket before leaving! This will save lots of trouble so you aren’t rushing to get your ticket at the last minute and risk being late for the show. Also, I personally recommend you buy your ticket before the actual day of the concert as well. This will save lots of hassle and worry if you will be able to attend the actual show. If you are interested on how to ballot for fan club tickets I made a post here about it previously, but if you would like a post about ways to get Johnny’s concert tickets without being in the fan club please let me know in the comments or tweet me!

#2 Money

Another obvious thing, but sometimes I have panicked on wether I had enough money to buy concert goods at the venue because I was rushing. Take that extra few minutes to calculate how much your goods will be and make sure you have enough money for them! It will save you time so you won’t have to get back inside the goods line again for things you couldn’t pay for. Also, when you are having fun at the venue you don’t want to have to worry about money for food and other things as well before or after the show.

#3 Water

Remember to hydrate hydrate hydrate! I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten a bottle or 2 of water and I have regretted it and searched frantically at the venue for a vending machine, only to find that they were all sold out (crazy Johnny’s fans….). Especially outside concerts it is important. Even if its not outside, you will be standing for at least 2 hours and not eating or drinking during that time. Normally during the MC I take out my bottle of water and drink it and have it handy at the top of my bag to drink during the concert as well. Normally the domes allow you to eat and drink inside of them, but there are some instances where you can’t at really small vanes. For this only bring water, not another type of drink. They do having vending machines or convenience stores around or inside the venue, so don’t fret if you forget! I just normally buy before entering inside because its cheaper for the most part and inside the venue might be sold out.

#4 Rain Items: Umbrella/ Poncho

Check the wether forecast if it’s going to rain. If it is going to rain, then I recommend going to a convenience store and buying a fold up umbrella, not a full sized one because it is long and the seats are small in Japan. Keep it inside your purse or concert goods bag! Most of the time the venues aren’t connected to the subway or trains or busses, so you will want to have one with you. The convenience store near the venues might become sold out, so try to buy near your hotel or home or someplace that isn’t near the venue. An umbrella is also handy if you have to stand outside in line for concerts goods, because at most venues the goods line is outside the venue.

Also, for outside concerts you are not allowed to have an umbrella up during the concerts and they are performed rain or shine. So buy a poncho at a convenience store or 100 yen store to keep somewhat dry! Buy an extra one to wrap your concert goods in so that they don’t get wet either.

#5 Recommended Concert Goods

You won’t bring these with you if you haven’t bought them yet, but I will at least say my recommended goods to bring or buy at the concert! This is also up to personal preference as well, so buy the goods that you will want to use! You also don’t have to buy the goods for the actual tour you are attending either ! You can buy them used if you are short on funds or if you prefer a past tour’s goods instead!

a. Penlight

A penlight is a must for a Johnny’s concert! I recommend a penlight because everyone brings them and uses them in the concert and it also in a way makes you part of the actual concert itself. You wave it in time with the music and do the hand motions of the songs with it! My first 2 concerts I went to for Johnnys in summer 2009 (KAT-TUN and Kanjani8) I didn’t buy a penlight and I felt left out because I didn’t realize how important they were until I went to my 3rd concert in 2010-2011 (Kanjani8 8Uppers countdown concert).

b. Towel

This is defiantly optional and up to everyone’s tastes, but recently I have been into buying concert towels because they are useful during the summer in Japan and for rainy days. I normally keep it around my shoulders during the concert. It helps with outside concerts and sweating (even inside concerts too!) and sometimes the guys have you twirl towels in the air to certain songs as well!

c. Uchiwa

Another optional item, but I didn’t know what the point of Uchiwas were when I went to my first Johnny’s concerts, but Uchiwas are the Japanese style fans with the face of your favorite member on them. You buy your favorite member’s (or members’) Uchiwa and it is not only telling the guys themselves who your favorite members are, but also the other fans as well. I always get asked at concerts who my favorite member is and its a great conversation starter with Japanese fans, as well as foreign fans! So hold your uchiwa proud! (but just to chest level… you don’t want to block the view of the fans behind you!)

d. Bag

To keep all of your concert goods in and for putting your newly bought concert goods inside, I recommend bringing a bag! Most of the goods that I buy won’t fit inside my purse so I always bring the tour bag with me.  When I went to Shige’s stageplay a few weeks ago, I didn’t realize how many goods I was going to buy and it didn’t fit inside my purse, so I had to run to a nearby 100 yen store and buy a bag! So make sure for a stage play you bring a previous tour bag or your own bag to put the goods inside because stage plays don’t sell bags normally.

Having a tour bag is also another fun way to identify you as a fan of the group and Japanese fans might even come up and talk with you!



Well, these were my recommended items to bring to a Johnny’s concert! I hope you all enjoyed! If there is anything that you think I forgot or want to know if its okay to bring please comment below! Let me know what your concert essentials are if you have been to a Johnny’s concert before. Also, let me know if you like these types of posts!



11 thoughts on “Johnny’s Talk: Lauren’s Guide To What To Bring To A Johnny’s Concert

  1. Great advice Lauren. I’m a bit envious of the concerts you have been able to attend. When I was in Japan I wasn’t able to make it to a concert. =(


    1. Hi Cely!
      Thank you! Many people might not know about this, so I though it would be a good idea to let people know!

      The first few years I was into Johnny’s I just got lucky that I was in Japan during the time that Kanajni8 was always touring, during the winter. NEWS I didn’t get to see until 2012 for the first and I was literally the most excited I had been in years about it!


  2. Hello, I recently found your blog and I find it very interesting!
    I hope I’m replying too late, but I would be very interested in how to get Johnny’s concert tickets without being in fanclub… (I’d really like to attend NEWS concert, but I cannot join the fanclub). I know it’s possible to buy tickets somehow online, but if they are for a certain name/fanclub id, isn’t there a risk of not being admitted into a venue?
    Thanks a lot for having an interesting and informative blog!


    1. Hi! Thank you for reading! ^_^ I hope that through this blog you can learn from my experiences!
      To answer your question, there are ways to do it but most of the time shipping for tickets are only within Japan. there are some people on live journal who do it for a fee though for you and can ship it to your hotel for you though! Yes, there is a risk that you could be stopped at the door though.
      I hope this helped!


  3. Is there any website (in english) or any other ways to buy the concert tickets? I am seriously have NO IDEA about it but I would definitely LOVE to go to any Johnny’s concerts in the future!

    And can you give tips to go to a Johnny’s shop? During my holiday to Japan without knowing anything, i went to the shop at Harajuku and i saw a bunch of people lining up. And there is one woman who apparently seem like a guard. And when I take a picture she said “camera damedesu” which I understand (lol!) and later i went to ask her (in english) but unfortunately she can’t speak nor understand any english so it gave me in confusion how to enter the shop. LOL. But i do recognize there was one Japanese uncle who seem like wanted to approach me but because it happen to fast my feet already left the area. And when I came back i search for it and someone said you need a ticket or something like that to be able to enter the shop? So i was wondering how actually can i enter the shop? LOL if you can give guide and also guide to buy the goods that would be awesome next time if i go there again.


    1. Hi! Thank you for reading and commenting! ^_^

      For tickets, check out Live Journal! There are lots of resources there.

      And thanks so much for the idea! A guide to the Johnny’s Shop is a great idea. The slips are made so that there isn’t a long like outside the shop. you come back in that time frame and you can almost go right into the shop. I also know of lots of places to buy resale goods too so I can include that in that post too. Thanks again for the idea!


  4. Hello!

    I just stumbled upon your blog because I was looking for a way to purchase Johnny’s con tickets. It’s just been announced that Johnny’s West will be having concerts in Jan 2016 and I will happen to be in Osaka on the days they have concerts at Osaka-jo Hall. May I know how i can purchase tickets for any these concerts without being a member of the fanclub? I tried searching livejournal to find ways on how to purchase the tickets but as of yet have not found anything useful. Do you have any advice on how i can obtain tickets? In addition, do you recommend LJs that can guide this process?

    I’m currently staying in Seoul for a university exchange and will be flying to Osaka in late December to January so I will not be able to go to any Japanese local post box offices.

    Any advice you can provide will be greatly appreciated!!!!!!


    1. Hi! Thank you for stopping by and reading my post!
      For tickets, it can be a bit complicated if you don’t live here or have friends living here of in the fan club to ballot for you. Most of these concerts sell out through the fan club only. I recommend twitter and searching certain tags specific to the groups (Like Johnny’s west tickets) for people selling tickets. Facebook groups have been popular recently for people to post extra tickets that they have as well.
      If you have twitter contact me there and I actually have someone on my T-list that is a Johnny’s West fan from Europe who lived in Japan for a while that might be able to help you. She seems like she is coming for the concerts too. Certain Johnny’s groups work differently for obtaining tickets outside the fan club balloting, and since I am more of a NEWS, Kanjani8 and KAT-TUN fan, I don’t know much about Johnny’s west.
      I hope this helps! Please email me (all information is in the about me page) or let me know if there is something else that you would like advice on!


  5. Hi. I am living in malaysia, how do i buy a ticket without holding a fanclub membership bcos being a member needs an address right? I dont have jap address either. I really want to go Johnnys group concert but dont know how to get the ticket.

    Thank you.


  6. Hi! Read your post about the ticketing process and the things to bring to a concert, the post was a great help. However, I do not know of anyone living in Japan and I would really like to go to a concert. Do you mind If I email you or contact you via twitter or other social media platforms?

    Thank You!


  7. Hi! Read your post about the ticketing process and the things to bring to a concert, the post was a great help. However, I do not know of anyone living in Japan and I would really like to go to a concert. Do you mind If I email you or contact you via twitter or other social media platforms?

    Thank You!


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